Repair Alcatel POP C7

POP C7 repair rates

Is your Alcatel POP C7 screen damaged ? Is it completely or partially cracked? Does the touch screen feature not work anymore? Does your Alcatel POP C7 have autonomy problems or does its battery have to be replaced ? We will replace your screen or your battery at a very attractive price. Moreover, when you call on the services of an official repair centre, your device retains the manufacturer’s guarantee after the repair works

Alcatel POP C7

Whole screen replacement 59.00 € (50.43 € excl. VAT)
Battery replacement 17.09 € (14.61 € excl. VAT)
Prices inclusive of labour and VAT (17%).
Prices applicable only on out-of-warranty repairs.
Prices may differ depending on the diagnosis by our technicians
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